A discovered vulnerability enables criminals to unauthorisedly mine the anonymous cryptocurrency Monero

​Hackers use Alibaba Group cloud services to mine cryptocurrencies

17.11.2021 - 07:40


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What’s new? Security company Trend Micro's website has published a material investigating the activities of hackers in an attack on the cloud services of Alibaba Group and other companies from the Asian region.

News source on the Trend Micro website

What is known about the attacks? According to the study, several hacker groups took advantage of a vulnerability in Alibaba's server configuration systems. Using a built-in security agent, the criminals were able to launch anonymous Monero cryptocurrency mining on the company's cloud facilities.

At the same time, according to Trend Micro, Alibaba Group has not yet been able to resolve the issue and intercept access to the servers. Similar attacks, the study noted, were committed against another major Asian company, Huawei.


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