This is reported by Kraken users, citing an email from the exchange

Kraken may close trading with anonymous cryptocurrency Monero

22.11.2021 - 07:50


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What’s new? A number of users of the social media platform Reddit have posted news about the possible closure of trading with anonymous cryptocurrency Monero on the popular Kraken exchange.

News source on Reddit

What is known about the Monero delisting? According to the Reddit contributors, the trading closure will only affect UK citizens. The measure is intended to ensure compliance with the rules of the local regulator.

Starting November 26, the exchange will be forced to close margin positions, as well as cancel open orders using Monero. In addition, customers will not be able to replenish their balance or sell the anonymous cryptocurrency in pairs to bitcoin and fiat currencies. The only option not to lose your funds is to withdraw Monero from Kraken to third-party platforms or wallets.


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