Users have made transactions with an asset worth about $9,7 billion

​Media reports on record transaction volumes in the digital yuan

04.11.2021 - 10:25


1 min

What's new? According to the Reuters news agency, the volume of transactions with digital yuan (eCNY) in China is growing. They reached an impressive $9,7 billion in October 2021.

News source on the Reuters website

What data has been published? According to the People's Bank of China's Digital Currency Institute, more than 140 million people have used the new asset. At the same time, economic agents have also joined the system, namely, just over 1,55 million companies in the field of catering, retail, and public services can accept payments in eCNY.

The representatives of the Digital Currency Institute have stressed that the digital yuan system is still at the testing stage. The date of the official launching of the asset throughout the country has also not been chosen yet.

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