Those who return at least 90% of the funds in their possession will receive the trophy token which depicts a white hat from the company

Metagame to give hackers NFT for returning funds to cross-chain protocol Nomad

24.08.2022 - 09:00


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What’s new? Metagame, an NFT development company, has offered a special reward to hackers who will return at least 90% of the funds in their possession withdrawn from the Nomad cross-chain protocol in the August 2 attack. There is a special token for them, which features a white wizard’s hat. The token has no functionality and is only used as a trophy to symbolize a gesture of goodwill. The Nomad team announced this on its Twitter account.

What other statements have been made? Metagame founder Brenner Spear, speaking with Cointelegraph, said that he does not know whether a gift in the form of NFT will encourage hackers to refund funds, but it will “be cool if it does!” According to Spear, this move is part of a broader attempt to encourage and support good behavior in the crypto sector.

The promotion also calls for the first 50 people who will give back the funds will receive 100 native tokens of cryptocurrency data aggregator platform Forefront (FF). As of August 24, 08:40 UTC, FF is trading at $0,243234, having lost 7,6% in price per day, according to CoinGecko.

How did events develop? The August 2 smart contract exploit caused the total value locked (TVL) of the Nomad Bridge to drop from $190,3 million to $10 937. White hackers withdrew some of the funds in order to secure them from theft, and by August 8 they had returned about $32,6 million to the project.

Nomad representatives offered hackers to return at least 90% of the stolen assets for a reward of up to 10%. The team said that it would consider any party that complied with the return as a white hat hacker and would not sue it. The funds should be returned to the official wallet of the protocol. The team assured that returning 90% of the funds would also allow hackers to avoid criminal prosecution by the authorities and lawsuits from third parties.


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