The indicator grew from 19 million users in September to more than 30 million in January

MetaMask: the number of active wallet users grew by 55% in four months

21.02.2024 - 15:30


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What’s new? Representatives of the Ethereum wallet MetaMask have said that the number of monthly active users rose from 19 million in September to over 30 million in January, Blockworks reports. Meanwhile, the peak seen in January 2022 was 31,7 million. MetaMask noted that the wallet has almost as many active users as it did during the peak of the last bull market.

Material by Blockworks

What else is known? Barbara Schorchit, senior product manager at Consensys, which developed MetaMask, noted that the platform defines “a monthly active user as someone who either loads a page within the MetaMask extension or opens the mobile app at least once during any rolling 30-day period.”

Schorchit also added that 576 000 unique MetaMask users have connected alerts of the Web 3.0-based security tool Blockaid for Ethereum during its beta testing phase, preventing more than 30 000 malicious transactions.

The tool automatically sends users alerts about potentially malicious transactions, including those related to phishing, fraud, and hacking attempts. The wallet integrated Blockaid into its core offering last October as part of the beta phase.

In January, MetaMask enabled Blockaid alerts by default on the Ethereum mainnet via a browser extension. The company is now doing the same for Polygon, Arbitrium, Optimism, Avalanche, BNB Chain, and Linea blockchains through both the app and extension.

In August 2023, MetaMask developers partnered with fintech company Banxa to launch an instant cryptocurrency purchase feature via Apple Pay.

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