Two independent developers have created a blockchain server “NFT Worlds” in the game

Microsoft’s Minecraft comes to Web3 on the Polygon platform

26.02.2022 - 08:55


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What’s new? Microsoft’s Minecraft video game has entered Web3 on the Polygon platform. Two independent developers have created a sidechain-based server called “NFT Worlds.” The players will be able to take advantage of Web3 features, such as an online store, to purchase in-game items for $WRLD tokens.

What is known about NFT Worlds? The video game software is open source, so the developers had no trouble migrating servers to the Polygon sidechain. The project provides players with a metaverse experience, with over 26 000 game hours logged on the test server in a three-day period. Local NFTs are plots of land and the minimum price for them is 14,5 ETH (about $38 150).

What do the developers say about their project? The creators of the server, known under the pseudonyms Tranquil and ArkDevs, fear that Microsoft may shut the project down at any time. However, they argue that the company is quite loyal to third-party developers.

“They’re watching us from the sidelines. I think in their eyes, we’re the best-case scenario for someone using their product,” Tranquil stated.


Vasiliy Smirnov Vasiliy Smirnov

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