An agreement with Bitmain Technologies has already been signed

Mining company Bit Digital plans to purchase 10 000 new devices

13.10.2021 - 08:45


1 min

What's new? A large mining company Bit Digital (BTBT ticker on the NASDAQ exchange) has announced the purchase of 10 000 Antminer devices for bitcoin mining. The supplier was a major hardware manufacturer Bitmain.

Bit Digital Press Release

What results are planned? After making a purchase and launching new devices, Bit Digital plans to increase the hashrate by 1 EH/s. According to the company's head Bryan Bullett, cooperation with Bitmain is an effective way to purchase a large number of mining devices.

Last year, Bit Digital mined more than 1,500 bitcoins, and in the first quarter of 2021 — 1013 coins. In total, the company has 43,600 miners, most of which have been moved from China to the United States because of mining industry bans by the Chinese authorities.

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