Funding will help the project realize its vision to help brands get the best digital marketing solutions

​Blockchain-based platform Ojamu raised $1.7 Million

04.10.2021 - 13:10


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What's new? Ojamu, a marketing technology (MarTech) platform based on artificial intelligence and blockchain technology, has announced the closing of its $1.7 million private sale. This was reported by the IHODL portal.

Article on IHODL

Who invested? The following strategic partners participated in the private investment round: Accensive Assets, A 195 Capital, Master Ventures, Morningstar Ventures, Moonrock Capital and Protocol Ventures. Furthermore, Genesis Black Ventures, X21, Chain Capital, Waterdrip Capital, Vendetta Capital, Rarestone Capital and others have invested their funds.

Oliver Blakey, managing partner at Ascensive Assets, remarked:

“We believe that as the Blockchain and crypto space becomes increasingly competitive and mature as an industry, so will the need for advanced marketing solutions. The Ojamu team is building a platform which is incredibly adept in its thinking and usage and we're looking forward to supporting them in every regard.”

What is the project known for? Ojamu’s Intelligent Platform and Neural Predictive Engine were specially created to collect and analyze hundreds of millions of data points, which is faster and more efficient compared to manual data collection and analysis. This method helps brands to conduct competitive research, identify market gaps, and make marketing decisions that have a higher probability of success due to the data-driven approach.

What does the CEO say? Commenting on the funding round, Ojamu CEO Hal Bame explained:

“We're extremely excited to have the support of such strong strategic partners, as we bring our vision for the Ojamu platform to reality. We believe both Blockchain/crypto Brands and more traditional business Brands, have an enormous need for automated digital marketing solutions based on Ai/Blockchain-driven technology - and Ojamu will fill that need.”

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