The entrepreneur published a post on social media where he elaborated on the topic

​Pavel Durov believes that ban on cryptocurrencies will lead to negative consequences

24.01.2022 - 09:25


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What’s new? Pavel Durov, the founder of Telegram, published a post on his channel in which he shared his opinion on the possible introduction of a ban on cryptocurrencies and mining in Russia. Recall, we wrote about the new restrictions for users and companies in the last week’s review, which you can read here.

What arguments did Durov make? According to the entrepreneur, if Russia does impose a ban on cryptocurrencies, the IT professionals will begin to leave the country in droves, and several high-tech industries of the economy will be destroyed. Durov cited the example of neighboring states and developed countries that are implementing blockchain and cryptocurrencies in their economies to succeed in competition and keep up with progress.

Pavel Durov emphasized that blockchain is replacing outdated centralized financial systems. And only thoughtful regulation of the industry will allow Russia to make the most of its human potential and take a leading place in the world of the new economy.


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