At the moment, the asset reached a record high of $0,00003856

​PSYOP token rises by 2403% after Elon Musk’s tweet

26.06.2023 - 11:00


4 min

What’s new? On June 25, the rate of the PSYOP meme token soared from $0,00000154 to $0,00003856. The sharp growth began after Elon Musk tweeted a meme, the name of which is similar to the ticker of the asset. So, the billionaire, commenting on news about the military mutiny of PMC Wagner in Russia, posted a picture with the caption “Here we go again.” The picture with the image of a cat in a tinfoil cap makes play with the conspiracy theory of psychological operation (PSYOP) to influence mass consciousness.

What is known about the project? In May, experts at cybersecurity company PeckShield discovered at least 24 scam tokens launched by the same team of hackers. The list included the PSYOP token.

There are currently two projects with the tickers PSYOP in the crypto space, one of which was launched by a member of the crypto community under the nickname Ben.eth together with Ben Armstrong, author of the Youtube channel BitBoy Crypto, in late May. Following Musk’s tweet, the asset saw a 74% rise to $0,0009882.

The second is positioned as a competitor to Ben.eth and Armstrong’s project, and it is the one that showed a 2403% growth after Musk’s tweet. The site claims that “Community power will pump this PSYOP higher and faster, and Ben will just have to deal with it.” “By the time Ben.eth launches PSYOP we would’ve done a full PSYOP on him. He wants to play? so do we. Let the PSYOP games begin,” declares the rival meme token’s team. By June 26, 10:50 UTC, the value of the coin corrected to $0,00001788.

Notably, both projects also have their own collections of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) with images of platypuses with various rarity attributes.

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