Starting 07:30 UTC on March 30, trading in pairs with bitcoin, USDT, and TUSD is available on the platform

​Radiant Capital (RDNT) token rises by 30% after listing on Binance

30.03.2023 - 08:00


2 min

What’s new? The rate of the Radiant Capital (RDNT) token has risen by 29,9% reaching $0,4486 after listing on Binance’s Innovation Zone. Spot trading of the asset started on March 30, at 07:30 UTC in pairs with bitcoinand two stablecoins, USDT and TUSD. Margin trading in RDNT/USDT pair will be launched within 48 hours after listing, and withdrawal will be available on March 31, at 07:30 UTC. Currently, trading in the pair with TUSD occurs with zero fees.

Listing details on the Binance blog

What is the peculiarity of the Innovation Zone? It allows trading new tokens, which, compared to other assets, have more volatility and, as a consequence, carry higher risks. In order to trade in this designated zone, users need to fill out an application for assuming all risks (“Initial Disclaimer”). In addition, no restrictions are imposed on trading pairs in this zone.

What is known about the project? Radiant Capital is a decentralized omnichain protocol. Users of the platform can place their collateral in one network and receive a loan in another. RDNT is the utility token designed to govern and mine liquidity. By 08:00 UTC, the value of the asset has corrected to $0,4090783.

According to analysts, the listing of tokens on Binance causes their value to rise by an average of 41%. LQTY, GNS, SYN, and MAGIC tokens increased from 59% to 75% on the day of the start of trading, and the coin of the Aptos blockchain platform jumped by 10 000%.

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