According to Gary Gensler, the work of digital platforms will be a particular focus in 2022

​SEC instructed crypto exchanges to develop additional regulatory measures

20.01.2022 - 13:20


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What’s new? The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Chairman, Gary Gensler, has stated that the cryptocurrency exchanges will be the focus of the regulator’s attention in 2022. According to him, platforms should soon submit additional measures to regulate the market of digital assets at the SEC’s request, Bloomberg reports.

Material on the Bloomberg website

What did Gensler say? According to the SEC chief, the regulator’s employees are currently exploring ways to include crypto exchanges in the regulation of traditional investments. Gensler noted that the platforms should eventually receive similar types of tools for operating in the market as those offering stocks or other assets venues.

“If the trading platforms do not come into the regulated space, it would be another year of the public being vulnerable,” Gensler stated.


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