The international event will be held from February 2 to March 17, 2022

​Solana will hold a hackathon with a $5 million prize fund

03.02.2022 - 09:05


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What’s new? The Solana project published a tweet with an invitation to the Riptide hackathon. The participants will receive seed funding, interesting challenges, and support from large companies. The prize fund for the event will be $5 million. The hackathon itself will be held online from February 2 to March 17.

What else is known about the Riptide hackathon? There will be a total of five categories at the event: payments, decentralized finance, Web3, games, and DAO. The winners in each category will receive large cash prizes of up to 65 000 USDC, as well as conference passes, exclusive NFTs, and the opportunity to pitch their projects to a wide audience of Solana and project partners.

The Hackathon sponsors include major companies such as Visa, Samsung, and Google, who will judge the participants’ works in their categories.


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