Inside the digital world, Seoul city hall and the Seoul Plaza shopping center have been recreated

South Korea’s capital city holds test launch of the city’s metaverse

31.08.2022 - 10:55


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What’s new? On August 31, the South Korean capital, Seoul, launched the first stage of closed testing of the city’s metaverse, Metaverse Seoul. The project recreated the Seoul city hall and the Seoul Plaza shopping center, where users participated in interactive activities and games. According to KQ Education Group, the opening event of the project was attended by 3200 students from Seoul Learn, the city’s online platform, and experts from Seoul IT Tech Governance Group.

KQ Education Group’s material

More details about the new metaverse. There was also a counseling room for youth inside the metaverse, where users could meet and talk to their mentors.

The official launch of Metaverse Seoul is scheduled for late November 2022. The full version will feature digital services, through which citizens will be able to exchange documents with various city agencies, as well as contact the metaverse support service. Seoul plans to recreate the entire city inside the digital world. The project will be implemented over five years in three stages.

By 2024, South Korea will develop a regulatory framework to institutionalize cryptocurrency. The draft law will be presented as early as 2022. The forthcoming document includes measures to protect investors and stabilize the market by regulating the issuance of digital assets.

Also, earlier, the Beijing authorities presented a plan for the development of metaverses for the years 2022-2024. The initiative involves the creation of technological infrastructure and support for its use in various fields, including education and tourism.


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