Changpeng Zhao bought an apartment in the emirate and stated that he is interested in working in this market

​The Binance head did not rule out the opening of the exchange's head office in Dubai

29.11.2021 - 10:45


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What’s new? The head of Binance, Changpeng Zhao, bought an apartment in Dubai in October, Bloomberg reports.

Material on the Bloomberg website

What did Zhao say? According to the founder of the cryptocurrency exchange, the emirate's government is progressive and the company has a focus on this market. Bloomberg noted that the purchase of the real estate in Dubai is a signal that Binance will open a head office in the emirate.

However, the head of the cryptocurrency exchange noted that the choice of a location for the head office is still under discussion with regulators. He added that Binance is seriously interested in Singapore and France, which, like Dubai, are positive towards cryptocurrencies.

What had happened before? In mid-November, Zhao announced plans to open a headquarters in France. The country had become a “natural choice for a regional and possibly global head office,” he said.


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