A corresponding technological monitoring solution has been developed by a local company, Qihoo 360

The Chinese authorities will be able to identify miners remotely

02.12.2021 - 09:00


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What's new? The Chinese IT company Qihoo 360 has introduced a tool that will allow the Middle Kingdom’s authorities to remotely find and monitor the illegal miners’ activity.

News on the company's website

What is known about the monitoring system? The tool, called the 360 Threat Situation Monitoring System, will be able to identify the miners' IP addresses and their locations. This will help combat illegal cryptocurrency mining at the level of the regional authorities. The solution uses big data analysis, a traffic monitoring system, as well as active protection mechanisms.

As previously stated, the largest mining pools have faced disruptions on the night of November 26. According to the experts, it could be due to the Chinese authorities' opposition to illegal mining in the country.


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