The expert noted that the surge in household energy consumption is beyond reasonable and in some regions is as high as 250%

​The operation of mining farms may lead to a sharp increase in electricity consumption in Russia

09.12.2021 - 11:45


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What’s new? The experts from the energy sector believe that the energy consumption in several Russian regions may increase by up to 2,5 times amid cryptocurrency mining. This is reported by the Izvestia.

Information on the Izvestia website

What do the experts say? Mikhail Khardikov, the head of En+'s energy business, confirmed that the increase in electricity consumption by miners at tariffs for the population in the country may be more than 20%. Igor Runets, Bitriver CEO, noted that the surge in the household energy consumption is beyond reasonable and reaches 250% in some regions:

“The regions suffering from home miners are already prone to frequent power outages due to overloading of power grids. This problem is especially acute in the winter season, when there is an increase in energy consumption by individuals.”

What had happened before? The Ministry of Energy believes that mining should be recognized as an entrepreneurial activity. The representatives of the ministry explain that there is a need to regulate the sphere. It assumes that at the stage of connection to the power system, the user should indicate the nature of the consumed load, for personal or commercial consumption.


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