This was stated by Igor Krasnov during a speech in the State Duma

​The Prosecutor General of Russia: the digital ruble will increase the transparency of public procurement

17.11.2021 - 08:10


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What’s new? Russia's Prosecutor General Igor Krasnov has addressed the country's legislature and expressed his opinion on the advantages of introducing the digital ruble into the country's economic system, Interfax reports.

News source on the Interfax website

What did Igor Krasnov say? According to the Prosecutor General, the digital ruble may significantly increase the transparency of the public procurement process and “give clear advantages to improve this situation.”

Krasnov stressed that over the last 2 years there were more than 300 000 violations in public procurement, including direct encroachments on the budget and misconduct in contracting and acceptance of work. With the digital ruble, it will be possible to “color” public money and track all its movements using blockchain technology.


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