In November 2021, the cryptocurrency mining profits amounted to $11,2 million

​The revenues of the Argo Blockchain mining company up 15% in a month

08.12.2021 - 07:55


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What’s new? The Argo Blockchain mining company has published a report on the financial performance of its activities. According to these data, the revenues from cryptocurrency mining increased by 15% in November.

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What other data is contained in the report? Argo Blockchain mined around 185 bitcoins during November 2021, with the total mining profits exceeding $11,2 million. The increase compared to October 2021 was 10,8% in terms of coins mined and 15% in terms of profit generated. The hashrate capacity also increased in November, currently, it exceeds 1605 EH/s.

The company's financial performance report is published on the London Stock Exchange website. It is one of the largest and oldest stock exchanges in Europe and one of the most prominent securities markets in the world.


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