However, it is not yet known how the bank will develop this direction

​Tinkoff has acquired a crypto project in Switzerland

12.01.2022 - 14:10


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What’s new? Russian bank Tinkoff has acquired its first crypto project. The bank's parent company, TCS Group Holding, has bought a stake in the Swiss cryptocurrency exchange with the Russian founders Aximetria. . This is reported by The Bell.

Information on The Bell website

How did events develop? According to the Aximetria GmbH documents, on November 9, 2021, TCS Group bought 4 449 shares of the company at 100 Swiss francs per unit. The total amount of the purchase in the equivalent amounted to 36 million Russian rubles (RUB). At the same time, the company’s total share capital was 534 700 Swiss francs, this may indicate that the TCS Group share will be 83,2 %.

Aximetria’s documents

What is known about the company? Aximetria has been a regulated financial intermediary since 2019. It became one of the first companies to receive permission to process cryptocurrency and fiat transactions from the Swiss Financial Market Supervision Authority (FINMA).

“Aximetria will develop as part of the international expansion of the Tinkoff Group in compliance with all the requirements of the jurisdictions of international presence. The details of the deal will be disclosed in accordance with the accepted disclosure standards in the Group’s annual reports,” the company said.


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