The native token of the decentralized data exchange network Atlas Network showed the highest growth

​Top 5 altcoins that rose in price. Which assets showed the maximum growth for the week

07.11.2022 - 13:45


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What’s new? According to the analytics portal Cryptorank, a number of altcoins showed significant growth over the past week, ranging from 1178% to 4303%. In question are projects such as Atlas Network (ATLS), Agora (VOTE), Liquidity Network (LQD), Lord Arena (LORDA), and Shoppi Coin (SHOP). In this, bitcoin has added only 0,31% in seven days and is trading at $20 744 as of November 7, 13:00 UTC, Ethereum has lost 2,25% reaching $1584, according to Binance.

Source: Cryptorank’s data

What is known about tokens? ATLS is an ERC-20 standard token used on the Atlas Network, a decentralized platform of the global data market that provides free exchange and monetization.

Agora is a decentralized ecosystem for conducting free, fair, and transparent elections based on blockchain technologies using VOTE tokens.

Liquidity Network (LQD) is a Layer 2 (L2) scaling solution for Ethereum. It allows making micropayments with higher speed and lower fees.

LORDA is a Play-to-Earn (P2E) token of an RPG-style blockchain game called Lord Arena. The game works on Solana and BNB Chain networks and is available on AppStore and Google Play.

Shoppi Coin (SHOP) is a marketplace token that connects local businesses and travelers, allowing the latter to purchase goods and services in different parts of the world.

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