Trezor Safe 5 has an EAL 6+ security certification, confirming that the chip has passed rigorous testing and can withstand sophisticated attacks

Trezor releases new crypto wallet model with support for thousands of digital assets

14.06.2024 - 15:25


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What’s new? During the BTC Prague conference, Trezor, a hardware crypto wallet maker, has unveiled a new device model Trezor Safe 5, as well as its separate version exclusively for bitcoin storage and the Trezor Suite app. Trezor Safe 5 supports thousands of cryptocurrencies, it offers a larger color touchscreen and an advanced 20-word seed-phrase recovery mechanism.

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What else is known? The Trezor Suite app for computers and cell phones allows users to manage their assets on the device, including staking.

Trezor Safe 5 is EAL 6+ security certified, confirming that the chip has undergone rigorous testing and can withstand sophisticated attacks.

The backup is created using Shamir’s secret sharing scheme to divide the private key into several parts, the number of which the user can set independently. The owner can also decide how many parts of the secret key are needed to restore access to the wallet.

The new device is also compatible with the Trezor Keep Metal device, which is designed to store the secret key and protect it from external physical influences.

Priced at $169 for the standard Trezor Safe 5 device, bitcoin storage-only versions and a model in the Black Graphite color are available for pre-order and will ship in July. Green Beryl and Violet Ore colors will be available by mid-August.

The company introduced the previous Trezor Safe 3 device last October, which was the first release of a new Trezor crypto wallet after a five-year hiatus. The model is aimed at newcomers to the crypto space.

The company also offers Trezor Expert service to help with hardware wallet setup and private key management.

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