The fighter will receive the cryptocurrency through the Bitwage payment system

​UFC champion Matheus Nicolau will start receiving payments in bitcoins

27.03.2022 - 07:30


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What’s new? Brazilian fighter Matheus Nicolau, ranked 8th in the UFC’s bantamweight division, will receive income from fights in bitcoins through the Bitwage payment system. The athlete added that earning money in BTC will allow him not to worry about his money will be lost because of the rising inflation in Brazil.

Bitwage’s press release

What had happened before? At the beginning of the year, the UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou revealed that he plans to receive half of the fee for participating in the January tournament in bitcoin.

What is known about the payment system? Bitwage is a California-based payroll, billing, and benefits startup in bitcoins. The platform entered the market in 2017. Its services allow individuals to receive their paychecks in cryptocurrency and companies to use tools to pay employees in digital assets.


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