The exchange rate is predicted to start rising in the first quarter as new participants join the market and the trading volumes increase

What do the experts expect from bitcoin in 2022?

03.12.2021 - 11:10


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What’s new? The Crypterium co-founder Vladimir Gorbunov shared his opinion on the bitcoin exchange rate for early 2022. He believes that the first cryptocurrency has every chance to go up to $100 000, $200 000, and even $500 000. This is reported by the RBC publication.

The RBC information

What else did Gorbunov say? According to the Crypterium co-founder Vladimir Gorbunov, the current sideways movement in the cryptocurrency market is perceived by investors without fear. The expert predicted that in the first quarter the exchange rate will begin to rise as new participants join the market and the trading volumes increase. After a period of growth in the first quarter of 2022, there will likely be a correction, which will last until around autumn. Gorbunov added:

"If I were personally asked if I believe bitcoin will be worth $500 000 in a few years, without being fixed on how many years exactly, I would say definitely yes."

What other experts have commented on the BTC exchange rate? In November, an analyst and author of the Stock-to-Flow model under the pseudonym PlanB suggested that the bitcoin exchange rate may surpass $500 000 in early 2022. In his view, the asset is now somewhere in the middle of a “bullish” trend, and the peak in growth may exceed expectations.

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