6800 BTC were withdrawn to an unknown address

​$319 million worth of bitcoins transferred from the wallet of the hacked Mt.Gox exchange

04.04.2022 - 11:55


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What’s new? On Friday, April 1, the bitcoin wallet of the Mt.Gox cryptocurrency exchange, which was hacked in 2014, became active. A transfer of 6800 BTC was sent from it to an unknown wallet. The transaction was recorded by the Whale Alert service.

The full transaction details

What else is known about the event? On March 28, Mark Karpeles, ex-director of the Mt.Gox exchange, announced that the trading platform’s trustee will share up to $6 billion among the victims of hacking as compensation. It is not yet known whether the transfer of 6800 BTC is linked to its provision.

Mt.Gox was one of the world’s first crypto exchanges, serving up to 70% of its users in 2013. The total loss after the February 2014 hack was 744 000 BTC ($34,18 billion at the exchange rate on April 4, 2022).

What had happened before? In March, an unknown hacker exploited a vulnerability in the Cashio protocol and withdrew more than $28 million in cryptocurrency. After the hack, the attacker offered to return some of the funds. He asked the victims to justify why they should return the money and stated that he would not reimburse losses to “rich Americans and Europeans who don’t need it.” Users who lost less than $100 000 have already received their assets back.


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