The CEO of the crypto platform has not yet announced his plans for the future

​Adam White to step down as head of Bakkt company

25.12.2021 - 09:45


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What’s new? Adam White, the CEO of the Bakkt cryptocurrency company, has announced his resignation on Twitter. White will leave his post in a week, he has not yet announced his reasons for leaving or his future plans.

What is Adam White known for? Before founding Bakkt, White was the vice president and general manager of the Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange for five years. Thanks to him, the exchange achieved considerable success, but in 2018 he quit and founded his own cryptocurrency company.

What did Bakkt do? White's company's main goal was the widespread distribution of cryptocurrency payments. Bakkt became a public company in October this year after merging with VPC Impact Acquisition Holdings. By the end of October, the Bakkt shares has surged 609% exceeding $50 but eventually dropped to $10.


Vasiliy Smirnov Vasiliy Smirnov

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