The new legislation has led to a change in travel geography and an increase in tourism revenues

​After the legalization of bitcoin the flow of tourists to El Salvador increased by 30%

23.02.2022 - 09:20


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What’s new? According to the local media reports, El Salvador’s Tourism Minister, Morena Valdez, has reported a 30% increase in the tourist flow to the country. According to Valdez, this is directly related to the legalization of bitcoin as official means of payment.

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“We did a poll to check the activity before and after bitcoin. The tourism sector increased, in November and December, by more than 30%,” Morena Valdez stressed.

From which countries has the flow of tourists increased? The adoption of bitcoin has affected the main destinations from which tourists came to El Salvador. Whereas previously El Salvador was very popular with people from Central America, in late 2021-early 2022, the largest number of tourists was recorded from the United States. Their share is about 60%.

Morena Valdez also reported an increase in revenues in the tourism sector. With the number of tourists rising to 1,4 million, the country has raised funds of $1,4 billion, replacing the previously expected $0,8 billion.


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