The new authenticator repeats the ease of use of services such as Apple Pay or Google Pay

Aptos implements passwordless passkey authentication for transactions

14.02.2024 - 09:15


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What’s new? Aptos Labs has introduced a new way to sign transactions on its Layer 1 (L1) blockchain network using access keys (Passkeys) that eliminates the need for passwords, The Block reports. Co-founder and CTO of the platform Avery Ching explained that the developers have made changes to the blockchain and created a new authenticator on Aptos. It will accept the transaction, access key signature, public key, and validate the transaction using this information. This will allow the user to sign transactions with their key, he added.

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What else is known? Currently, when users create a crypto wallet account, a long code or private key is generated. According to Ching, this key is usually encrypted with a password that is set by the user himself. Forgetting this password can result in losing access to the wallet. With a key, however, logging in becomes possible without a password, usually through Touch ID or Face ID.

According to Ching, passkeys are more user-friendly and replicate the ease of use of services such as Apple Pay or Google Pay. For example, users will be able to store the private key for a passkey account on their device and synchronize it with a backup provider (such as iCloud or Google Password Manager). Then, when they want to sign a transaction, they can use the passkey directly rather than sending a request to the service.

Other cryptocurrency projects such as Dynamic Wallet and Turnkey also provide key authentication. However, unlike Aptos, where users store the private key on their device, Dynamic Wallet and Turnkey store the data in systems such as Amazon Web Services Nitro Enclave, Ching noted.

Currently, the authenticator is only used in the Aptos ecosystem, but other companies can also use it because the tool is open source, Ching added. Aptos developers used the WebAuthn standard and public-key cryptography to implement the new technology.

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