The company intends to become Europe's largest crypto payment operator through a partnership with Worldline

Bitcoin Suisse integrates crypto payments with Lightning Network

11.11.2021 - 14:55


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What’s new? Bitcoin Suisse crypto-financial service company has announced in a press release that Bitcoin Lightning technology is now available for payment solutions. Armin Schmid, CEO of Bitcoin Suisse Pay, noted that this integration will play an important role in expanding cryptocurrency applications and promoting their widespread use.

Bitcoin Suisse Press Release

Who does Bitcoin Suisse cooperate with? The company intends to become Europe's largest crypto payment processor through a partnership with Worldline, the European leader in payments and transaction services. Sascha Münger, product manager Worldline Crypto Payments, commented:

“We are pleased that our crypto solution partner Bitcoin Suisse is introducing the Lightning Network for Bitcoin transactions. This is a logical step towards our shared vision of making crypto acceptance easily accessible to a broad group of merchants. The Lightning Network enables fast and cost-efficient transactions with low fees.”

What is known about the technology? Lightning Network is a second-layer payment protocol. It was proposed as a solution to bitcoin's scalability problem to facilitate fast transactions between participating nodes.


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