This is the second time hackers have moved stolen funds

​Bitcoins stolen in 2016 from Bitfinex exchange are on the move

01.02.2022 - 13:35


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What’s new? On February 1, bitcoins stolen back in 2016 from the Bitfinex exchange began to move. Whale Alert, a transaction tracking and analytics service, has published a post about two transactions of 10 000 BTC each.

What had happened before? This is the second time hackers have moved funds stolen as a result of the Bitfinex hack in 2016. Back then, a total of 119 756 BTC was withdrawn from the exchange, causing the market to collapse. In mid-April 2021, the hackers transferred the first batch of bitcoins worth $750 million. We have verified the transaction that took place, you can view the details at the link below.

Transaction’s details

Will the situation affect the price of bitcoin? Although most exchanges use AML checks, the hackers may find other ways to cash in stolen assets. However, this large transfer of funds may mean that the attackers are determined to manipulate the market.


Tatiana Darda Tatiana Darda

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