The mining equipment manufacturer hopes that Feng Zhou's experience will open a new chapter in the company's history

​Bitmain has appointed a new CEO

01.11.2021 - 11:15


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What's new? Feng Zhou has been appointed CEO and legal representative of the legal entity of the mining equipment manufacturer Bitmain. This is stated in the company's message in WeChat.

Bitmain Message

What is known about the new CEO? Feng Zhou was the deputy to Bitmain co-founder Ketuan Zhang during the conflict in 2020 between the company's founders Jihan Wu and Mikri Zhang. Zhang will continue to serve as chairman of Bitmain Group. He will be engaged in the development of the company's technical direction, talent training and strategic planning.

As for Zhou, Bitman hopes that his rich experience in supply chain management will open a new chapter in the company's history.

What had happened before? In early October, Bitmain stopped the supply of devices to mainland China due to the local authorities’ pressure on the digital asset market. In addition, the decision was in line with the government's eco-initiatives to neutralize carbon emissions into the environment.


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