The assets will appear on the platform as early as this week

BitMEX announces the listing of six new tokens

10.10.2022 - 11:55


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What’s new? On October 10, cryptocurrency exchange BitMEX announced on its blog that six tokens will soon be added to the listing. The new assets include SHIB, SAND, CRO, MANA, FTT, and WBTC. Support for these cryptocurrencies should be active by the end of this week.

News on the exchange’s blog

What else is known about the listing? According to the BitMEX announcement, users will be able to make deposits, conversions, and withdrawals in the aforementioned cryptocurrencies. The minimum amount for deposits or withdrawals will be 800 000 SHIB, 10 SAND, 90 CRO, 10 MANA, 0,37 FTT, and 0,0004 WBTC. In addition, the listing of new assets will be announced in the coming weeks, including the OKB token of the OKX cryptocurrency exchange.

What is known about the assets? Shiba Inu (SHIB) is a meme token. The project was launched in August 2020 by an anonymous developer or group of individuals under the pseudonym Ryoshi as an alternative to another meme token — Dogecoin. As of October 10, 09:50 UTC, the asset is trading at $0,000011, down by 1,18% per day, according to Binance.

Sandbox (SAND) is the native cryptocurrency of the virtual metaverse, The Sandbox. It is used as the governance token in community votes as well as for in-game purchases. SAND is trading at $0,8249 (-0,9%).

Cronos (CRO) is the native token of the Cronos Chain blockchain of the exchange. It is used for making payments, trading, and in the financial services of the exchange. The value of the asset is $0,106124 (-1%).

Decentraland (MANA) is the official cryptocurrency of Decentraland, a 3D metaverse. It is used to purchase virtual lands as well as in-game assets and services. MANA is trading at $0,6839 (-1,11%).

FTX Token (FTT) is the native token of the FTX cryptocurrency exchange, used in trading operations, and provides owners with the ability to reduce trading fees. The price of FTT is $23,88 (-1%).

Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC) is an ERC-20 standard token, which is a wrapped bitcoin and is equal to 1 BTC. It was launched on the Ethereum mainnet in January 2019 in order to attract more liquidity. Bitcoin is trading at $19 330 (-0,4%).

Earlier, BitMEX CEO Alexander Höptner said that despite the bear market, institutional investors’ interest in the crypto sphere continues to grow. According to Höptner, large investors invest in innovative industries precisely during downturns.


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