With this solution, the network will be able to process more transactions

Cardano block size to increase by 11%

02.02.2022 - 09:40


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What’s new? The Cardano developers announced on Twitter that the block size on the network will increase by 11% from 72KB to 80KB. This decision was made as part of the optimization of the load on the network. A single block will now be able to include more transactions.

What are the blockchain’s development plans? In addition to the block size, the developers will change the memory limit of Plutus smart contracts from 12,5 million to 14 million units per transaction. According to data provided by Cardano Blockchain Insights, as of February 1, almost all blocks remain full and the average load on the network is above 85%.

Blockchain has already moved into the third phase of its roadmap, the development team will focus on optimizing the network for a growing number of users. Off-chain solutions such as Hydra will play a key role in achieving the required level of scalability.


Vasiliy Smirnov Vasiliy Smirnov

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