Crypto investor bought $6 million worth of Shiba Inu tokens

20.03.2022 - 08:00


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An unknown acquired 271 billion SHIB.

What’s new? A large ETH investor bought 271 billion Shiba Inu tokens worth $6 million at the exchange rate on March 19. WhaleStats, a service that tracks large cryptocurrency transfers, reported the purchase of the crypto asset on Twitter. The meme tokens were bought by an investor who is ranked 208th in the ranking of largest holders of ETHs.


What is known about the crypto asset? Shiba Inu is an Ethereum blockchain-based token created in 2020 by anonymous developers Ryoshi. The creators of the token have developed a deflationary policy whereby tokens are burned when transactions are made. This policy keeps the community interested and attracts new investors.

What had happened before? On March 15, the WhaleStats service recorded a purchase of more than 42 million UST. It was made in four large transactions.


Tatiana Darda Tatiana Darda

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