Many other wallets are coming out of their decade-long anabiosis

​Dormant bitcoin wallet with 321 BTC activated after eight years

22.12.2021 - 10:10


1 min

What’s new? According to Whale Alert's statement on Twitter, a bitcoin wallet with 321 BTC, which has been frozen for eight years, has been activated. The wallet currently contains $15 million worth of BTC, in 2013 this amount was $6500. It is not known who owns the account or why it was reactivated.

What do people think about the wallet's ownership? Under Whale Alert's post, the users make various assumptions about its ownership. According to them, there are many options, from Satoshi Nakamoto going to sell his BTC after a long time, to someone who just remembered his original phrase for the wallet.

What other similar cases are there? In recent months, several bitcoin wallets, inactive from 2011 to 2013, have been reactivated. Each of them contained tens of millions of dollars worth of cryptocurrency. On September 19, the owner of an inactive bitcoin wallet transferred all of his 616 BTC to different accounts. And these are only isolated cases that have been discovered. There are many more such “sleeping” wallets.

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