Assets related to metaverses showed the biggest growth

eToro exchange calls the most popular tokens among investors in Q3 2022

07.10.2022 - 10:30


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What’s new? The eToro exchange conducted a study of the cryptocurrency market, according to the results of which it called the most popular tokens among investors in Q3 2022. Journalists at Cointelegraph, who studied the report, noted that the biggest increase in the number of users was demonstrated by assets associated with metaverses.

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What does the report say? The token of the Decentraland (MANA) metaverse and the meme cryptocurrency Shiba Inu (SHIB) showed the biggest growth in the number of holders. The figure increased by 437% and 269%, respectively, compared to the same period in 2021. Enjin (ENJ), Polygon (MATIC), and Basic Attention Token (BAT) also saw significant holder increases of 229%, 107%, and 107%.

According to eToro analyst Simon Peters, MANA’s rise suggests that metaverses have become a key market topic despite bearish sentiment. SHIB is also tied to virtual worlds, as Shiba Eternity, an NFT game that has already been launched in Australia, is coming out soon.

“The Metaverse has been a major new frontier and that is reflected in the exponential growth in open positions of MANA. Although crypto markets have been difficult in recent months, the fastest risers indicate real interest in some of the most innovative projects in the past year,” Peters explained.

While two metaverse-related tokens have shown growth, the eToro report notes that the 10 most popular assets have maintained their positions over the past 12 months.

eToro is a trading platform created in 2007. Its members can connect with each other through social services and take educational programs. eToro offers various asset classes, including cryptocurrencies. The platform also has its own mobile app.

As of October 7, 09:45 UTC, MANA is trading at $0,6976, down by 1,01% per day. The rate of the SHIB token is $0,00001118, (-2,44%), according to Binance.

According to the LunarCrush platform at the end of September, the popularity of the Ripple (XRP) token increased by 38% in three months.


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