Lessons from The Bitcoin Academy project will be available to residents of the Marcy Houses social housing neighborhood in New York City

Ex-Twitter chief and Jay-Z launched crypto education course

10.06.2022 - 08:00


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What’s new? Twitter co-founder and head of Block (formerly Square) Jack Dorsey and American rapper Jay-Z created educational courses dedicated to cryptocurrencies. The training program, called The Bitcoin Academy, will be available to residents of the Marcy Houses social housing neighborhood in New York City. Jack Dorsey announced this on Twitter.

What else is known about the program? The Bitcoin Academy will be completely free. The main goal of the program is to provide neighborhood residents with knowledge about cryptocurrencies that will allow them to become financially independent. Participants in The Bitcoin Academy will also receive free communications for the duration of the training and gadgets that they can keep after taking the courses.

The courses will run from June 22 to September 7 and will be available to everyone on the block, including children. There will also be face-to-face classes twice a week. The training will focus not only on bitcoin, but also on strategic thinking, local economics and gaining confidence, Dorsey said. Black Bitcoin Billionaire and Crypto Blockchain Plug are partners in the project.

In May, Dorsey called bitcoin the only candidate for the role of money on the Internet. He said BTC's development may seem slow compared to other cryptocurrencies, but that is due to the deliberate decisions made to maintain it as a means of storing and transferring money.

Also in May, the non-governmental organization Bitcoin Argentina announced the creation of a training course on cryptocurrencies in the country's high schools. The Schools and Bitcoin project will teach students about the differences between the traditional financial structure and the alternative money system.

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