Peter Brandt believes that the situation of 2019 may repeat on the BTC chart

​Famous trader discovered signal for bitcoin’s rise

28.03.2022 - 10:05


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What’s new? Famous trader Peter Brandt has published a tweet comparing two bitcoin charts: the current one (February-March 2022) and the one for 2019. Based on the comparison, Brandt found a signal indicating a possible rise in the asset.


What pattern did the trader see? According to Peter Brandt, a technical analysis figure called an “ascending triangle” can be seen on the bitcoin chart. The figure may indicate a possible rise in the asset in the future.

Peter Brandt is one of the world’s most famous traders, who started trading in the financial markets back in 1975. Brandt previously stated that he believes bitcoin will reach the $100 000 mark in the long term.


As of March 28, bitcoin is trading at $47 000, up 5,24% in 24 hours and up 14% over the week.


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