In total, about 100 people were affected, who placed mining rigs worth from 1 million rubles

Fraudsters stole more than 100 million RUB worth of mining rigs in Irkutsk

24.06.2022 - 17:10


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What’s new? In Irkutsk, the organizers of the “mining hotel” stole the equipment of their clients and fled, stopping payments. The press service of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Interior (MVD) for the Irkutsk region reported that the police opened a criminal case against the suspects. In total, about 100 people who placed cryptocurrency mining equipment worth from 1 million rubles were affected.

Information from the press service of the Main Department of MVD

What did the police find out? According to the preliminary investigation, from November 2021 to May 2022 the suspects offered cooperation to citizens who wanted to place their mining rigs in a special “hotel.” The organizers offered space rental and electricity at below-market rates. They urged to place the hardware as soon as possible, referring to the limited number of places. Under the terms of the contract, customers were not informed about the actual location of the computing equipment, and only representatives of the “mining hotel” had access to the programs, which allowed them to dispose of the mined cryptocurrency.

The police opened a criminal case under Part 4 of Article 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (Fraud on a large scale), and also seized physical evidence, including computer equipment and documentation from the office.

In mid-May, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Tatarstan issued a wanted notice for four people involved in the fraudulent group of crypto coaches. From February 2017 to October 2021, the criminals engaged in fraud under the guise of learning to trade on cryptocurrency exchanges. During this time, they managed to earn 53 million rubles fraudulently.


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