It will allow digital assets to be stored, sent, received, and used in decentralized applications without leaving a web browser

GameStop launched wallet for cryptocurrencies and NFTs

23.05.2022 - 14:15


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What’s new? GameStop Corp., a video game retailer, has announced the launch of its own crypto wallet. It will allow cryptocurrencies and NFTs to be stored, sent, received, and used in decentralized applications without leaving a web browser. The wallet extension, which is already available for download on the Google Chrome Web Store, will also allow transactions on the NFT marketplace GameStop. The company has partnered with Layer-2 (L2) system Immutable X to create a marketplace that will be powered by Ethereum. It is scheduled to launch in July 2022.

GameStop’s press release

What is a browser wallet extension? It is a browser extension that adds a cryptocurrency wallet to its menu bar. Installing the wallet extension allows one to store and trade cryptocurrencies and NFTs directly in the decentralized applications, without leaving one’s browser window.

What is known about GameStop? It is an American retailer of game consoles, computer games, and gaming accessories, founded in 2000. As of January 30, 2021, GameStop has 4816 outlets in the United States and 17 countries around the world. The company’s shares are traded on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) under the ticker symbol GME.

What events happened before? On April 18, the developers of the cryptocurrency wallet Phantom, based on the Solana blockchain, announced the launch of a mobile app for the owners of Android OS. The wallet’s functionality is similar to the version previously available for iOS.

In early May, WisdomTree, an investment company, said that it would begin beta testing of its mobile digital wallet in the summer, and the app would be available to all US customers in 2023. Initially, all assets in the wallet would be tokenized.


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