It will be based on Immutable’s Ethereum layer 2 solution

​GameStop to create an NFT marketplace

04.02.2022 - 07:15


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What’s new? GameStop, a US console and games retailer, plans to launch its NFT marketplace. The platform will be based on startup Immutable’s Ethereum layer 2 solution. It will be possible to buy and sell various in-game assets on the platform. This is stated in a Twitter post by Immutable.

What is known about the companies’ cooperation? As CoinDesk notes, GameStop chose Immutable’s solution because it gives it the ability to issue NFTs in a carbon-neutral environment. The solution protocol provides the “zero gas” P2P transactions and also allows the processing of more than 9000 transactions per second.

Material on the CoinDesk website

GameStop and Immutable will also create a fund that will invest up to $100 million using Immutable’s cryptocurrency called IMX. The funds will be distributed to NFT developers that can be used in games.


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