The collaboration will help individual companies create a common scalable, cost-effective customer engagement platform

Georgian winemakers will start using Cardano blockchain to confirm the authenticity of products

16.09.2022 - 15:15


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What’s new? Cardano Foundation representatives reported that the platform is developing a blockchain solution in its ecosystem to guarantee the quality and authenticity of Georgian wine. The company has partnered with Georgia's National Wine Agency, the Bolnisi Winemakers Association, and Scantrust to provide a platform for the digital connection of products and packaging through secure unique identifiers.

Statement on the Cardano Foundation website

What do Cardano representatives say? Mel McCann, the company's vice president of engineering, said the Cardano Foundation's technical integration initiatives are helping to develop solutions for companies and systems of all kinds. He added:

“This collaboration will develop a creative, cost-effective, and flexible certification and traceability system, which will provide transparency and authenticity for wineries and customers from point of harvest to point of consumption.”

What is the essence of the partnership? The collaboration will help individual wineries create a common scalable, cost-effective platform to attract customers. The city of Bolnisi will expand a prototype program serving both local and export markets. The program will produce up to 100 000 bottles of wine made in the fall of 2022 and bottled in the spring of 2023.

The bottles will have a distinctive label with a QR code, allowing customers to verify the authenticity of the products and learn more about their history. The National Wine Agency will use the Cardano blockchain to create open, verifiable records based on existing wine certification data for export markets.

In October 2021, an NFT token of a 1991 Macallan Scotch whiskey barrel was sold for a record $2,3 million on the Metacask platform.

In late August, Georgian authorities approved an updated legal framework for crypto regulation. The amendments provide for integration of national legislation with EU directives.

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