Their actions resulted in the withdrawal of 8,8 million VISR native tokens

​Hackers attacked the decentralized Visor protocol

22.12.2021 - 07:00


1 min

What’s new? Colin Wu, a well-known journalist, tweeted about the attack on the Visor decentralized protocol. In total, the hackers managed to steal about 8,8 million VISR tokens.

“Liquidity management protocol Visor was attacked again by hackers. Hackers withdrew more than 8,8 million VISR tokens and sold them on Uniswap, causing the VISR tokens to plummet by nearly 95%,” posts Wu.

What else is known about the attack? The protocol team has confirmed the veracity of the information about the attack. According to the Visor representatives, the exploit was linked to the vVISR staking contract, and the hackers used a Tornado Cash mixer to obfuscate the trail.

In terms of compensation, Visor plans to migrate VISR tokens and refund all the affected users shortly.

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