In 2021, Russia retained the lead in the number of victims of cryptocurrency-related attacks

​Hackers started hacking into crypto wallets with NFT

14.02.2022 - 11:30


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What’s new? The ESET Threat Intelligence analysts have concluded that in 2021 malware for illegal mining or stealing the crypto wallets’ passwords began to spread through NFTs and mobile applications. The Kommersant newspaper reports about this.

Material on the Kommersant website

What does ESET’s report say? Alexander Pirozhkov, head of Threat Intelligence at ESET, noted that infection via NFTs has replaced viruses that are embedded through torrents and adult websites. The company’s experts found that hackers usually put viruses in gaming NFTs, which allegedly contain superpowers or rare weapons.

Last year, Russia remained the leading country among the states in terms of the number of victims of cryptocurrency-related attacks, with 11,2 % of the total. Particularly high activity was detected between September and December 2021, accounting for 12,3% of all reported detections worldwide.


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