These are Avalonminer miners from Canaan Creative

​Hive mining company has placed an order for 6500 cryptocurrency mining devices

01.11.2021 - 10:00


1 min

What's new? According to a press release, Hive, the Canadian mining company, will acquire an additional 6500 cryptocurrency mining devices from the Chinese supplier Canaan Creative.

Canaan Press Release

How will the indicators change after the purchase? Hive plans to increase the computing power of its mining fleet from the current 1,2 EH/s to 3 EH/s by March 2022. This will be done by using the new generation of Avalonminer miners.

The company continues to fix record financial indicators. Thus, the profit for the last fiscal year was $42,5 million, and the revenue for the second quarter of 2021 was $167,5 million. The acquisition of new miners can significantly improve these indicators next year.

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