Adam Mosseri believes that the social network may help in the development of non-fungible tokens

Instagram allowed the possibility of NFT integration

21.12.2021 - 11:55


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What’s new? Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri told Business Line in an interview that the social network is exploring the possibilities of using NFTs. Mosseri believes that Instagram has the potential to expand the industry of non-fungible tokens.

The Business Line material

What are Instagram's plans for NFT development? Adam Mosseri spoke about the social network's new features, including the ability to add NFTs to one's profile. The platform will also support cryptocurrencies such as MetaMask, Coinbase, TrustWallet, and Novi. Mosseri stated:

“Nothing to announce yet but we are definitely actively exploring NFTs and how we can make them more accessible to a broader audience.”


Vasiliy Smirnov Vasiliy Smirnov

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