This happened after another round of funding

Investors valued analytics firm Chainalysis at $8,6 billion

12.05.2022 - 09:35


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What’s new? Analytics company Chainalysis has raised investments of $170 million in a Series F round led by the Sovereign Fund of Singapore (GIC). The company was valued at a total of $8,6 billion in all rounds. This was reported by The Information’s website, citing its own sources.

News on The Information’s website

What else is known? Following the Series F round, the valuation of Chainalysis has doubled. After the June 2021 Series E round, led by Coatue Management, the company was valued at $4,2 billion. As of May 2022, Chainalysis had reached a valuation of $8,6 billion.

What events happened before? In October 2021, Chainalysis became the bitcoin holder. According to CEO Michael Gronager, this was the first bitcoin acquisition by Chainalysis. The further plans include investments in other cryptocurrencies. This would be assisted by the asset management partner, NYDIG, which would provide custodial services for buying and storing digital assets.

What is known about Chainalysis? It is a software and services developer for government agencies, exchanges, financial institutions, and security companies. Chainalysis solutions help investigate and solve crimes in the field of cryptocurrencies. Thus, in early March, the company unveiled new free software for tracking sanctioned crypto wallets.

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