Israel’s National Bureau for Counter-Terrorism Financing reported that the accounts were linked to the al-Mutahadun business

Israel confiscates 30 crypto accounts used to fund Hamas

01.03.2022 - 09:30


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What’s new? Israel’s Defense Ministry has seized 30 crypto accounts belonging to entities linked to the al-Mutahadun exchange company. The seized wallets include tens of thousands of shekels from 12 accounts. According to a statement from Israel’s National Bureau for Counter-Terrorism Financing, the accounts were linked to a business that helped fund Hamas (a banned organization in the Russian Federation).

Information on the agency’s website

What does the agency say? The ministry stated that al-Mutahadun, a company owned by the Shamlah family, helps the Hamas terrorist group by transferring tens of millions of dollars each year. Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz stated:

“I want to commend all organizations for their intelligence, operational, and legal collaboration. We will continue to cooperate in order to combat terror in any way possible.”

What had happened before? This is not the first time that the crypto accounts have been linked to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Israel’s National Bureau for Counter-Terrorism Financing seized $7,7 million in cryptocurrency from 84 addresses in the summer of 2021. The officials claimed that the money was intended to fund the Islamic terrorist group Hamas. Al-Mutahadun was spotted among other backers. In 2021, the Israeli authorities identified it as a terrorist-financing organization.


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