According to the head of the exchange, all of them may be linked by digital assets on the blockchain

Kraken has allowed the creation of multiple metauniverses

11.11.2021 - 09:05


1 min

What’s new? As part of his speech at the Crypto Goes Mainstream conference, the head of the Kraken cryptocurrency exchange, Jesse Powell, expressed his opinion about the imminent creation of multiple metaverses.

News source on the Decrypt website

What is the future of this sphere? Kraken's CEO noted that no single company will have exclusive rights to develop a metauniverse. He cited three popular projects as examples namely the NFT game Axie Infinity, the social network Facebook, and the online multiplayer game World of Warcraft.

While there are different platforms, according to Powell, different metauniverses may be combined using blockchain assets. These may be tokens that users may transfer between different games. Another prediction of the head of the exchange for the near future was increased competition for customer attention from blockchain, gaming, and NFT projects.

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