The user bought most of the coins on March 11 at the rate of $1420

​Large investor transfers $66 million in ETH to the Binance exchange

21.04.2023 - 10:20


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What’s new? On April 21, an unknown address transferred 34 043 ETH worth $66,28 million to crypto exchange Binance, 0xScope protocol analysts reported. In this, most of the sent coins were bought on March 11, when the rate of ETH was at $1420. Analysts suggested that the whale may be taking profits and announced the possible achievement of a local peak in the value of ETH.

Large transactions in ETH. On February 23, the address of one of the Ethereum initial public offering (ICO) participants woke up after three years of inactivity and made a transaction of 5055 ETH (more than $8,3 million at the time). On March 6, an unknown address transferred 10 266 ETH worth about $16 million, including 1322 ETH (~$2 million) to the Poloniex exchange after five years of inactivity.

On April 19, Binance opened the withdrawal of ETH from staking, which was made possible by the Shapella hard fork six days earlier.

Wallet inactive for 9 years transfers $60,7 million worth of bitcoins

Wallet inactive for 9 years transfers $60,7 million worth of bitcoins

Over the years of “being dormant,” the value of the user’s assets has increased 53 times

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As of April 21, 10:00 UTC, ETH is trading on Binance at $1922, down by 1,84% in a day, and by 4,5% in a week, according to aggregator CoinGecko. The share of Ethereum in the market is 18,84%, and the market capitalization is $231,4 billion.

According to TokenUnlocks, 809 800 ETH worth $1,56 billion is expected to be unlocked. In the next 11 hours, 2380 coins worth $4,59 million will be unlocked from staking. A total of 17,31 million coins, or 14,87% of the total supply, are locked into the contract. They are valued at $33,59 billion.

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